Age: 17
Home: Chevy Chase, MD
Project: Student Action on the Global Economy (SAGE)

Nathan is co-founder and current chair of the Sierra Student Coalition's Student Action on the
Global Economy (SAGE) Program, created in response to the environmental threats posed by the
current model of globalization. From World Bank support of massive gas, oil, and mining projects
in the developing world, to the weakening of U.S. laws like the Clean Air Act and the Marine
Mammal Protection Act by World Trade Organization (WTO) rulings, international economic
policy is shaping the future of our planet. In the two years following the large-scale citizen protests
in Seattle and Washington D.C. against the WTO and World Bank, the SAGE program has grown
from 30 students on the East Coast to almost 500 college and high school activists in over 40 states.
Their tactics include public protest, lobbying of Congress, and public education in support of their
mission to "remake the emerging global economy into one based on... values of democracy,
equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability."