Age: 21
Home: Santa Cruz, CA
Project: Campus Greening

Jessian Choy founded the Student Environmental Center (SEC) at the University of California,
Santa Cruz (UCSC), to promote ongoing campus greening on a variety of issues, rather than
continue the style of short-term, single-issue campaigning that loses steam when student leaders
graduate. "My project was prompted by the unwillingness of the U.S. to ratify the Kyoto Protocol," Jessian said. "When I learned that some universities committed to the Kyoto Protocol, I wanted UCSC to take leadership in involving students in planning campus policies that protect the environment. I also wanted to bring diversity to an area in which students of color are under represented." SEC's diverse coalition of students has advanced 15 campus greening projects, including pesticide reduction, integrating LEEDS green building standards in campus construction,
and a ballot initiative to permanently fund the SEC through student fees.