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High Speed Rail Authority Board Agrees to Extend Public Comment Period

At the HSRA Board meeting in Sacramento, March 23, the HSRA Board decided to extend the public comment period through to August 31, 2004 and add two more public hearings (locations to be determined by next Board meeting). Members of the Sierra Club, other environmental groups, and cities testified to the Board that they needed more time.

The Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club is organizing a mass presence at the SF public hearing. This meeting is on April 15th from 3-8pm at the State of CA Bldg., Milton Marks Conference Center, 455 Golden Gate Ave.

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The omission of Altamont Pass, the lack of access to complete documentation supporting information in the DEIR, and internal flaws and inconsistencies make the current environmental review inadequate.   












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Critics complain that the authority has steadfastly refused to examine what they argue is a more cost-effective route for high-speed rail from Modesto in the Central Valley into the East Bay through the Altamont Pass. The high-speed rail project's skyrocketing cost analysis is based on the authority's preferred route, which would take the train from Los Banos, through the Pacheco Pass into the South Bay. The need to carve up to 14 miles of tunnel through the Coastal Range along the Pacheco route is a large part of what is driving up costs.

Before the state borrows $10 billion to build high-speed rail, the public deserves a more open and honest debate about exactly where that train will go and why. ... California cannot afford to write a blank check for a speculative project that has not been properly vetted. The Legislature should pull the high-speed rail bond from the November ballot immediately. - [Sacramento Bee]

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