We Are Here

Peace March, February 15, 2003

Look at the signs:

War Kills/Peace Heals
Who Would Jesus Bomb?
Stop Mad Cowboy Disease
Beware Of Weapons Of Mass Distraction
Another Gardener For Peace: Spread Manure Not Fear
Unleash The Dogs Of Peace
This Is My Patriot Act
Will Work For Peace
We Are Here, We Are Here, We Are Here

We are here. we are carrying these words
above our heads, we are wearing practical shoes
and jackets. We are cold and joyful. We are listening.
We are taking a necessary hold
of a shock-worn world, and bringing to it's lips
the oldest medicine of time.

We are walking. We are going exactly where we must
Look at our feet, tennis shoes and hiking boots. There
is even a boy with little rubber boots that look like frogs.
Look at these faces. You have seen us. At the grocery store
at work, at the bus stop, you have seen us.
We Are Here.

We are carrying in our bodies
a simple inherited longing~peace.
To these crowded intersections
we are bringing the Grand Canyon
of the heart. This is our wager.
Against the howling of missiles
we bet the silence of stars over a desert at night.
Our chips are eternal, constant as a planet turning
old as the sound of feet scraping a road bed.
We Are Here.

Who Would Jesus Bomb?
What means of terror would Mohammed choose?
We are lifting these questions. We are holding them over our heads.
We are facing all those who drape killing and its justifications
in spiritual robes.
We are here to burn those robes.

We are a single body.
We begin at one end of the city and reach through its heart
to the other side. The city that yesterday busied itself
with shopping and having, getting and selling
today stands silenced by the echoing river
of our voices.
This Is My Patriot Act.
Will Work For Peace.

Will work for children and grandparents, uncles and sisters
of people I don't know and will never meet. Will work
for their peace and their rain. Will work for their table
and their bread. Will work for a world
where Weapons of Mass Destruction become
Weapons of Past Dementia. Will work for the flood
that swallows the terrorist, the dictator and
the defense contractor in the same rising surge.
Will chant, will shout, will march, will carry a sign
will bring a rose, will work
for peace. Spread Manure, Not Fear.
Another Gardener for Peace.

What is the power of a seed? What is the power
of a root, a sprout, the sun, the fruit? What is the
power of the ground?

Imagine a great listening. Imagine a great and powerful listening.
Calculate the peace of nature. Calculate the nature of peace.
Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Unleash the Dogs of Peace.
War Kills/Peace Heals
War trips the trigger.
Peace sets the safety.
War opens the arsenals.
Peace encloses them in somber prohibition.
War forges grudges, heats them, pounds them out
into a million hidden knives.
Peace rusts the handles, dulls the blades.

War Kill/Peace Heals
Beware Of Weapons Of Mass Distraction

Beware of words engineered to scare.
Beware of patriotism that's only flag deep
and blind in one eye.
Unleash The Dogs Of Peace.

Go ahead, unclip the leashes.
Don't worry. What may they bite you with
but a head of locally grown lettuce,
or a dialog instead of a fight.
Set loose the Labradors and Huskies
and Great Danes
of the heart.

From Bangkok to Berlin, Moscow to Madrid
we are walking, we are wearing practical
shoes and jackets. We are lifting these words.
We are cold and joyful.
We Are Here.