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David R. Brower (1912 -2000 AD)

[Berkeleyan since 1912, founder of Sierra Club Foundation, John Muir Institute for Environmental Studies, Friends of the Earth International ( now in 63 countries), League of Conservation Voters, Earth Island Institute, North Cascades Conservation Council, Fate of the Earth Conferences. Nobel Prize nominee three times. Blue Planet Prize, Japan. A sophomore drop out, he acquired a pacemaker in 1995 so that he could keep up with himself. He was an accomplished mountaineer, but gave up when the mountains got steeper. Busy, busy, busy, but at 87, what else?]

This series consists of a re-review of books and illustrations and prose published by the Sierra Club and Friends of the Earth, David Brower being the general editor of a series of award-winning conservation books and films. In this reintroduction of some of this conservation library appeals to enough people, may help bring it back in print. Hewlett-Packard, Epson-Seiko, and others have developed the electronic equipment that makes it possible to produce superb copies of well-printed photographic books and this technique is used in, which presents the concerns of CPR-ists (who worry about conservation, preservation, and restoration at intervals, sometimes more than once a day if not watched). Following is a list of the books that will be drawn on in the series:

"The Wildness Within Us"

Edited by Robert Irish Brower                           
Consulting Edtitor -- Kenneth David Brower 

 In My Father's Eyes

The Geography of Hope

              by Robert Brower

An anthology of David Brower photography and prose

Nicaragua, Lake Baikal, Everest and beyond . . .

Coming Soon to this cyber-space !