i, Citizen
call on
you, President

to explain your claims
of moral clarity.
I call you out to this curb
to stand in this light
and define --

Freedom, in the light of extinction
Security, in an age of rising oceans.

i, local newspaper subscribing, truth hungry,
network numbed Member of Society
             call on

The American Journalist

to scour and expose, to connect and rivet
to dig with a claw hammer
            and pull up the boards
even as the binding nails of power shriek.

i, on a log on a shore,
            poet of small measure
call on you, whoever you are
to wonder and not know
to consider and reconsider
to ask all over again
the ancient, still beautiful questions

and so save this place
from men who claim God
while sending planes and nations
            on errands of death