Life and death on this planet now lie in Man's hands.
         At depth after depth we penetrate these phenomena which encompass us.
         Still beyond our grasp shimmer the ultimate truths.
         Unless we master these, how shall we learn -- not to die -- but to live?

What wisdom guides life's ever-changing balances?
What subtle factors work in flesh and spirit to cause one kind to rise
         to dominance and brilliance while its near kin declines into extinction?

After overuse by Man, the earth remains barren.
Yet after natural disasters -- earthquakes and tidal waves, fires,
         volcanos, glaciers,hurricanes -- life builds back, if undisturbed by
         Man, stage upon stage, to richness.

What are the forces of renewal?

                                         NANCY NEWHALL


[Photograph: Ansel Adams; Burnt Stump and New Grass, Sierra Nevada]